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Central to Mindful & Co's ethos, sustainability is prioritised in all that we do.

At the heart of Mindful & Co is a desire to foster love for mindful consumption. In order to achieve this we curate an offering from brands who adhere to one or more of the following qualities; local, ethical, made using natural ingredients, small-scale, handmade, environmentally friendly. We choose to stock
from these brands because we believe that their business models are sustainable and that they create beautiful products that are long-lasting, and that improve wellbeing.

When it comes to packaging, we endeavour to reuse boxes and packaging materials as much as possible. We use a combination of biodegradable satchels from Hero Packing and Better Packaging Co when needed. We print paper labels and use either a biodegradable or paper packing tape for our parcels. We work
closely with our suppliers, namely our potters and ceramicists in order to ensure fragile goods are transported in a way that produces minimal waste.

We use an Australian made kraft paper to wrap orders in store, and offer recyclable kraft carry bags when and if a bag is required. We have begun using stamps, for our logo on carry bags and also for FRAGILE packages, as opposed to unnecessary plastic tape-based stickers.

Internally, we recycle and promote low-waste policies that encourage our store employees and workshop hosts to recycle or repurpose where possible. Together with our collaborators and community, we choose to reflect on the environmental impacts of all Mindful & Co’s business processes and outputs on a regular basis.

This is an ongoing commitment of ours that will continue to evolve as our business grows. If you have any questions or contributions to support our sustainable operation, please email us at