We are back open, we look forward to seeing you in store!

We are back open, we look forward to seeing you in store!

Totum Naturopathy Ground Me Tea

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Our organic Ground Me tea has been Naturopathically formulated to nourish the nervous system and provide gentle support for daily stress. The herbs within this blend have been traditionally used by herbalists to promote relaxation, calm nervous tension, regulate sleep and balance moods. Take a moment to enjoy the fresh and sweet aromatic flavours of Ground Me tea to balance out your day and ease the mind.


Chamomile provides us with a delicate sweet aromatic taste and strong therapeutic benefits. It is incorporated into our Ground Me blend due to it’s well documented calming and hypnotic affects on the body, with research showing benefits in inducing sleep and decreasing nervous tension. In addition, Chamomile is believed to tonify the whole body promoting overall health and wellbeing.

Lemon Balm

Within traditional and contemporary times Lemon Balm has been used to balance moods, decrease anxiety, promote relaxation and support concentration and cognition. Due to its influence on the central nervous system, it is an essential herb to support us when we are feeling overwhelmed. A perfect selection to reconnect you to yourself, and optimise your sense of balance and calm.


Traditionally Skullcap was used as a nerve relaxant, which with the evolution of modern day science can now be attributed to it’s GABA binding affinity. GABA is an important neurotransmitter (messenger) in our central nervous system and is necessary for supporting the healthy function of our moods and mental state. Skullcap has therefore been shown to decrease anxiety and support mood balance, nourishing our nervous system, and promoting a state of calm.


Spearmint provides a fresh flavour to enhance our senses and uplift our day. We chose to include this herb to indulge, revitalise and refresh our taste buds, enhancing the therapeutic benefits of the blend. Along with providing the blend with an uplifting, fresh taste this herb has also displayed therapeutic value in easing digestive discomfort, supporting the balance of hormones in women and potentially improving memory and cognition.


The spicy, pungent & sweet taste of cinnamon compliments the refreshing spearmint flavour to make for a delicious fusion of aromatic delight. The popular herb/spice commonly used in culinary cooking could not go unnoticed for it’s role in this tea, providing synergy to tie everything together. It has been shown to balance the symptoms of blood sugar imbalance such as moodiness, fatigue and poor concentration along with providing a tonifying affect to the body through it’s antioxidant, anti- inflammatory, antimicrobial and cardiovascular supportive actions.

Serving Suggestions:

Place 1 heaped teaspoon per cup (250ml) into a teapot or infuser and ensure that either teapot or cup remain covered whilst steeping for 3-5 minutes.

Covering the tea while it infuses will enhance it’s therapeutic benefit as it decreases the evaporation time of the essential oils contained in the herbs.

Strain and serve.


Enjoy this grounding blend of therapeutic herbs hot or cold.

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