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The New Rules of Pregnancy


Picture this: a calm, chill pregnancy book with the magical soothing powers of a yoga class. That’s the approach of The New Pregnancy Rules. Here, the experts guide you, the modern pregnant woman, through all aspects of pregnant life in an easy-to-digest, compassionate, and motivating way. Instead of a detailed week-by-week look at your baby’s development, it’s all about you, and how to help your pregnancy go as smoothly as possible. It assumes an intelligent, busy reader (who, somewhere inside, is shouting, “Just tell me what to do!”).

Every aspect of pregnant life is covered – from the practical details (“Can I eat unpasteurised honey?”) to the complex issues (“Is this normal exhaustion and depletion, or is it because I stopped taking my antidepressant in order to be pregnant?”).

The book also covers that critical “fourth trimester,” because once the baby is born, self-care typically goes out the window, and you really need someone to have your back. Its strong point of view and expertise come from gynecologist Adrienne Simone and obstetrician Jaqueline Worth – two renowned New York doctors dedicated to bringing patients the safest, calmest, least invasive pregnancies possible. The book’s voice – motivating, supportive, real – comes from Danielle Claro, coauthor of The New Health Rules.  

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