Slow Journal Issue 5

A gentle issue for those feeling drawn to a slower way of life.

As a new season blooms, and the world transitions to a new ‘normal’ we feel the call to reconnect and find solace within.

Issue five, ‘sunday state of mind’ brings you;

  • An holistic approach to navigating anxiety by Camilla Adams, Naturopath and founder of Sunday health.
  • Finding calm amongst the chaos with simple daily rituals.
  • Coastal dreaming – we take readers on a journey through our own backyard, sleepy seaside villages and rolling green hills on the Coffs Coast.
  • The ancient mariners of the sea – sea turtles and their voyage from sand to ocean and all that lies in between.
  • Our hemp education continues with our friends at Hemp Collective.
  • Made – mindfully creating with natural materials, we share the stories of ceramicists, artists and creatives.
  • Astrologer and storyteller Brooke Macqueen is back with her guidance from the stars.
  • Slow fashion – our favourite labels stepping on the lighter side of fashion including Ottway the label, Once upon an Artisan, My tribe of three + Justice Denim.
  • lots more!


60 pages of mindful content printed on 100% recycled paper and delivered to your door plastic free. 

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