Settler Hives Mint Seeds

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So easy to grow that it's probably best contained to a pot. Goes wild when it's given a sideways glance and kept hydrated.

Use the whole herb in Moroccan or summer salads and the leaves in cocktails, brew into a tea, add to a cacao smoothie for a minty kick or simply add your water with a squeeze of lemon.

Nutritional benefits:

A source of trace amounts of iron and small amounts of fibre, vitamin A and potassium. The nutritional benefits may not be overwhelming but main benefits is the zingy, fresh taste that it brings to dishes sweet or savoury.

Potential health benefits:                            

  • used to relieve IBS, indigestion and heartburn
  • stimulates digestive enzymes to assist in digestion
  • contains phytonutrients with anti-oxidant-like properties, which may reduce cellular damage caused by oxidative stress

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