Plant Remedy

Plant Remedy Soap


Plant Remedy produces vegan bath + body products in small batches, using traditional methods. We use pure plant ingredients to create effective remedies that feel beautiful to use. There is a significant difference between the feel of our bar soaps against the skin versus commercial brands. Quite simply, once you use our products, you won't want to go back!

For over two years we experimented with raw plant oils and butters, mineral clays, essential oils, herbal infusions and botanicals. Our soaps were soon loved by family, friends and the wider community, and Plant Remedy grew organically from feedback and demand.

Our products contain the highest quality plant ingredients, ethically sourced and locally where possible, including a commitment to using Australian extra virgin olive oil. Our soaps do not contain palm oil, due to the destruction of rainforest and threat to wildlife linked to palm oil production. Instead, our traditionally-made soaps have glycerin-rich, lush lather. Natural colours are achieved using pure mineral clays, charcoal, and botanicals. Divine fragrances from pure essential oil blends, never synthetic fragrance.  

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