Musings from the Moon' Debut Book

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The book that reminds you to breathe..

Musings from the Moon is a collection of prose and illustrations that inspires self-love and healing by Jenna Ramondo.

' Take a deep breath in... and lay down all that hurts you. It is time now, dear one, to put it down. To free yourself from the illusion that you need to be more to become yourself.'

' I started to realise that if I wanted that beauty and wonder to fall out of my fingertips then I had to feel it first... and to feel it I had to blindly hand over every fear and crippling doubt in exchange for such magic.'

' The sun has your hand, the moon has your back.'

' You don’t have to try to believe in magic. Put your hand over your heart. Can’t you feel that? If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is.’

' Darling you'll never be beautiful like them... and they'll never be beautiful like you'. 


Soft cover, 180 pages printed on beautiful eco paper, black and white pages inside featuring prose and illustrations. Made locally, ethically and with love 

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