Merchants of the Sun

Merchants of the Sun The Godfather Ring


A friend should always underestimate your virtues and an enemy overestimate your faults” — The noble black Onyx ring features a most ancient stone, known and utilized by even the earliest civilizations for its powerful energy and somber beauty. A powerful warrior stone, The black Onyx was highly prized for use in ceremonies and burials, scrying and magical work, and as amulets on swords, shields, and armor to protect and strengthen warriors in battle.

This ring was crafted with time and care, handmade from sterling silver, and oxidized to add character. Each ring is then individually worn and hammered to give it a rugged aesthetic—as though it was crafted many years before its time.

As our natural stones are derived from raw mined onyx and then cut and polished by our silversmiths, you may notice a variance in appearance in comparison to the picture as each stone is unique in its colour and patterns.


We hope you love this ring as much we do!

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