Gracious Minds

Gracious Minds Hold The Fort Lotion


Pamper your body with this luxurious, lightly scented body lotion that leaves your skin feeling hydrated and incredibly soft. Antioxidants and ceramides work to lock in moisture and to help the skin's outermost layer stay firm. Infused with Magnesium as a hybrid ingredient which works to soothe muscles, whilst also improving the tone and complexion of the skin. 

200ML Made in Australia.


  •  Firming and Active Ceramide Complex (I, III,  IIIB, VI)  which creates a strong skin barrier and helps prevent moisture loss — helping skin stay hydrated, plump, and firm.  
  •  Green Coffee Extract stimulates the skin to improve tone and supports collagen promotion daily.
  • Magnesium which acts as a hybrid ingredient to help soothe muscles and balance/soothe sensitive skin. 

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