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Illustrations by Cat Affirmation Cards

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Illustrations by Cat Affirmation Cards

Illustrations by Cat Affirmation Cards

We Are Mindful - Cronulla

Pickup currently unavailable

95 Cronulla Street
Cronulla NSW 2230


We Are Mindful - Rozelle

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624 Darling Street
Rozelle NSW 2039


A deck of 45 Cards, each consisting of a unique Affirmation, intentionally curated for the individual seeking inspiration, motivation & support. All cards Illustrated & Hand written by Cat Santos.

Affirmation Cards are a tool created with the intention to assist you in re-aligning & re-connecting you with yourself. They can be used daily as a mantra, or in times when you feel you need it most.
Repeating positive affirmations has been proven to have a positive effect on thought patterns, helping you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts.

The Affirmations I have chosen for this deck were specially chosen, as they are the many that I use often everyday not only for my creative work but as daily motivation for how I choose to show up in the world and express myself!

How to use your Affirmation Cards

  • Find a quiet spot (I like to do this first thing in the morning when I am still in bed!)

  • Close your eyes and focus on your breath

  • Begin to shuffle your cards

  • When you feel a pull to stop, stop shuffling (trust this and try not to overthink it!)

  • Spread your cards in a rainbow shape in front of you with the affirmations face down, artwork facing up

  • Close your eyes and pick whichever card you are drawn to

  • And that’s your affirmation for the day! You can take a photo of it or write it down to remember :)


45 Illustrated & Hand Written Cards
Muted Soft Beige with a Warm-Rust Coloured One-line Artwork Cover
Black & White Affirmation
7cm x 10cm
300gsm Matt Lam Card 
Packaged in a 100% Cotton Hand Made Bag 

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