Cisco and The Sun

All Cisco & the Sun products are made in Bali and Cambodia by local artisans who apply a methodology of ceramic making that is unique to Sapporo, Japan. Mixing both Asian and Western sensibilities, the pieces are crafted by the sixth sense, or what the Japanese refer to as “wabi sabi”. There are elements within Cisco & the Sun ceramics which you can not see, but you can feel; a comfort beyond the senses that permeates from hand to soul.

Cisco & the Sun works with 3 different types of clay, each of which is sourced from the mineral rich regions of Bali and Cambodia. The clays are enriched with naturally derived nutrients and metallic oxides, which evolve into a spectacular spectrum of colours during our unique ‘reduction’ high-temperature firing process. This technique draws on ancient crafting techniques to create organically beautiful, long-lasting finishes.