What 'mindful' means to us

What ‘mindful’ means to us.

The Oxford Dictionary defines the term ‘mindful’ in the following ways;

usually predicative Conscious or aware of something.

usually predicative Focusing one's awareness on the present moment, especially as part of a therapeutic or meditative technique.

formal usually predicative and with infinitive Inclined or willing to do something.


We’ve chosen this word as part of our name as it perfectly expresses the way in which we approach the business. The store itself is a meditation on conscious consumerism and our values-driven approach to shopping. This means we seek out items that are thoughtfully made using high-quality natural materials - things that are designed to last, usually Australian-made, and always ethically produced.

The brands we stock usually run on a model of transparency, and on a genuine desire to improve their industries. We work closely with all of our suppliers, collaborators and brand partners to foster an environment of positivity and support.

It’s also the way we aspire to behave and carry out our activities, a way of approaching everything we do with awareness and a sense of care. To be mindful is to embrace a slower pace of life. “Do I really need to do that”, “How can we better take care of ourselves and of our community?” “What does it mean to feel well?” These are the questions that have informed our store.

The workshops we run through the studio, are an extension of this, as a collaboration between owner Kathryn Batty and local artists, makers and practitioners who host ongoing and seasonal craft workshops with a focus on health and wellness for the mind and body.

We Are Mindful Studio is a space designed to enrich lives through meaningful learning - a place to share, collaborate, connect and celebrate.

This to us, is what mindful living in the 21st century looks like; buying less but buying better, slowing down, connecting with our bodies, connecting with friends and family, always learning, growing and sharing.

We aim to provide some tools for these things in our store. We hope you find what you’re looking for.